Sonja Jüde M. A. is a social and economic historian, journalist and media designer (corporate design). In January 2013 she combined her communication experiences and founded an agency for publishing service and communication with editing expertise.
In 2018 she transferred the grown identity of corporate communications into her own agency and with JÜDE Content & Design she specialized in the communicative needs of small and medium-sized companies.

Trust and credibility

The success of your company is based on quality. This applies not only to the products and services you offer, but also to the communication of your brand. It is all about trust. And credibility. Whether classic public relations, content marketing or corporate publishing – JÜDE Content & Design translates your corporate identity into words and images. The creative agency for corporate communications develops and implements the communication strategies of small and medium-sized companies. JÜDE Content & Design emerged in 2018 from the agency for publishing service and communication Editing Expertise – founded in 2013 by Sonja Jüde M. A. in Hamburg.


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