Sonja Jüde M. A. is a social and economic historian, journalist and media designer (corporate design). In January 2013 she combined her communication experiences and founded an agency for publishing service and communication with editing expertise.
In 2018 she transferred the grown identity of corporate communications into her own agency and with JÜDE Content & Design she specialized in the communicative needs of small and medium-sized companies.

Logo & Corporate design

The logo of your company determines the first impression your business idea makes on potential customers. This is not a question of taste. Your logo is linked to a goal. It communicates your offer, your personality and the purpose of your company. Ideally, it immediately evokes positive (re-)actions of your desired target group. A professional corporate logo therefore takes psychological factors into account. In addition, a logo must meet repro-technical requirements – depending on the medium on which you want to use it. As part of a creative concept for visual brand communication, we will revise or design your logo and develop a corporate design that makes your corporate identity and the corporate identity of your company visible.


Websites | landing pages | flyers | posters | business cards | letterheads | brochures | folders | exhibition stands | blocks | signs | flags | stickers and much more


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